Hey Students!

We (your math teachers) are always dealing with the question, “Why do we need to learn this?” While there are many answers, the best answer is, “Because it’s fun!” You can play with your math just like you can play with your food, dolls, or action figures. Playing with math can be as rewarding as playing sports, games, or instruments. And when you play, you learn too.

So here’s our invitation to play with your math!

Hey Teachers!

How can we get our students (and colleagues) to play with their math? We take problems that we love, and we adapt them so that everyone (and anyone) can play. We design posters and handouts that hook you visually and explain the problem in just enough words. The problems that we’ve picked require trying, struggling, failing, adjusting, and trying again until, finally, a discovery is made.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Play!

Contact Us

Got problems ideas? Questions?

Email us at playwithyourmath [at] gmail.com, or
Tweet us @playwyourmath


Joey Kelly (BlogTwitter) and Xi “CiCi” Yu (MESE, Twitter)

Original Website by Joseph Botros
Conceived with support from Sara Harding, William Schwartz, and Katlyn Santosuosso

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